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22 | 02 | 2018
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By the introduction of the abag-environmental management we would like to commit ourselves to protect our environment and the optimized use of all natural resources. It is our attempt to avoid environmental contamination or to reduce them to a tolerable minimum.

  • The observance of legal and official editions are natural
  • We cooperate with the responsible authorities on a cooperative and confidently level
  • Environmental contamination of our products are investigated in the collaboration with our customers on a very early step of the product development and are taken into consideration.
  • environmentally conscious behavior belongs to the tasks of all employees at abag. We promote and demand the environment-conscious being of our employees.
  • We include our suppliers in the process of the conversion of environmental issues.
  • We commit ourselves to a permanent improvement to protect our environment and make sure that our environmental purposes are moved effectively.
  • We work on reducing environmental consequences, as well as the energy and resources consumption.
  • We promote the objective and open dialog with the general public.
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